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Contact Lenses

Aqua Dailies contact lenses in Butler PA

Have you wanted contacts in the past, but were unable to wear them? Have you been told that you were not a candidate for contact lenses because your prescription was “too high”, your eyes were too dry, you needed bifocals, or because you had astigmatism? Here, at this eye doctor in Butler PA, we are determined to find the contact lens that is right for you. Give us a call!


Dailies Total contact lensesChances are we can now fit you in contact lenses that will not only improve your quality of vision, but also your quality of life! The contact lens industry is constantly evolving and making advances in lens materials and design.

There’s no question that contact lenses can enhance appearance and provide excellent vision. But contact lenses are medical devices that require care and must be treated with respect.

Are Contact Lens Safe?

Yes, contact lenses are 100% safe as long as you follow the following rules:

  1. Have a qualified professional fit your lenses
  2. Carefully following the lens care instructions you have been given
  3. Wearing lenses according to the schedule you’ve been given
  4. Replacing your lenses according to the schedule you’ve been given
  5. Keeping follow-up appointments with your eyecare practitioner
  6. Remaining alert for signs of trouble

For lots more information about contact lenses, contact lens exams, brands and more, visit our Contact Lens Services section.

Buying Contact Lens for the First Time:

If you’ve never worn contact lenses, you’re likely to have many questions about them. At your Butler, Stirling Eyecare Center a contact lens practitioner is an expert and will be glad to answer all your questions. If it’s time for you to say “Goodbye to Glasses” and “Hello to Freedom,” contact us now: call 724-285-2618 or fill out the Contact Lens Appointment Request Form today!

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